Into the Woods - Props Carpenter




Scenic Designer: Christopher Rhoton

Lighting Designer: Katie Gruenhagen

Director: Kenneth L. Roberson




The Prince's Horse

Sketch presented by the designer.

.A pattern for a 3D puzzle horse was purchased and I scaled it in AutoCAD to meet our needed dimensions.  I then used the CNC router to cut out each of the pieces.

After cleaning the rough edges, I began to assemble the puzzle.  I used a mini mock up to aid in the assembly process.  I used foam in the center of the body so I had enough material for a person to safely sit on the horse.

Once assembled, I added extra support of a center post of pipe, which also adds to the carousel horse look the designer wants.  Next I stained and sealed the whole horse.  I then painted it with a low binder paint that allowed me to rub off areas to expose the stain below for weathering.  I also used white glue in some area to acheive the crackle finish.

A little spray paint helped to further model and weather the horse.  I then added the custom saddle and bridle.  Flowers and vines were added to the mane and tail to bring the horse into the world of the woods.  

Production photos still to come.