Chicago - Props Master




Scenic Designer: Christopher Rhoton

Lighting Designer: Derek Jones

Director: George Pinney



Creating twenty-two footlight covers was the primary prop chanllenge for this production.  

Step 1:  I used a purchased footlight cover as a mold to create multiple plaster positives of the shape.

Step 2:  I laid fiberglass, infused with epoxy over the plaster casts.  Using a vacuum bag technique, the fiberglass was pulled tight to the cast defining the details.  The vacuum clamp was left on for about four hours, the molds were then left to cure over night.  The next morning, the molds were cleaned and the process started again.

Step 3:  Each cover was trimmed with the band saw and an MDF circle was attached as a base.


Step 4:  Each cover was placed and secured to allow electrics to mount the lamp bases and to complete the wiring.